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JACK HALLS Urchin Stool
  • JACK HALLS Urchin Stool

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    Urchin Stool - 2021 


    Jack Alexander Halls


    Hydroforming is a common yet little known industrial process often giving over components to be hidden away beneath the auto-body or obfuscated into a larger component. Urchin explores the lyricism of the D.I.Y hydroformer; where the primary tool is as accessible as mains water pressure. These pieces emphasise a structural detailing in hydroforming stainless steel, exploiting the formal necessities of the process in creating objects for sitting and gathering. Piercing legs and unnerving form; this pair linger in the cold, sodden overgrowth, activating the otherwise undesirable domestic landscapes of the winter months.  




    Urchin Stool: Stainless Steel, 400x400x500 - $1200



    Jack Alexander Halls (He/Him) is a designer and artist with experience across mediums and creative
    industries driving broad explorations, his design practice acts on both immediate material and formalsystems whilst querying system of commerce, commodification, re-use, and recycling.

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