FFF zine issue 4

FFF zine issue 4

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FFF ZINE ISSUE FOUR: THE ROMANCE OF FOOD featuring the fabulous NYC-based chef LAILA GOHAR photographed by ROE ETHRIDGE on the cover.


What’s inside?


Siblings Simone Rocha and Max Rocha to discuss their careers (fashion designer, chef) and how cooking's brought them closer than ever. Legendary photographer Walter Pfeiffer talks loving your job. Rapper Brooke Candy defines good sex. Stoya’s NYC with Tim Barber. Fake influencer Blawko explains robot attraction. Genius chef Jen Monroe (aka Bad Taste) shares food ideas to reflect your relationship status. Designer Sandy Liang teaches you how to cook her grandma's secret recipe. Buffalo Zine Creative Director Adrian González-Cohen takes you on a tour of his family's vineyard. Artist PZtoday explores family resemblance. PLUS: weird and wonderful shoots from the world's foremost tastemakers, including Florence Tetier, Nicolas Coulomb, Lucy Alex Mac, Fabien Montique, Jeff BarkKuba Ryniewicz, Karen Clarkson, Daniel Riera, Corey Olsen, and more more more! 


256 pages


20 x 27.5 cm